2011 KGU Halloween Costume Contest!

Nov 05, 2011 (Sat.)

Kansai Gaidai held a Halloween Costume Contest, one of the largest international events on the campus, on October 31. Approximately 100 people/groups entered the contest and approximately 600 people came and watched the event in the outdoor circle stage on the campus. This event is held every year, and shows the integration of our international campus: a collaboration of local & international students, and faculty & administration.

This year, the Halloween Costume Contest was divided into four categories: General, Funny, Horror and Group, and anyone associated with the university could enter the contest and vote. Judging was divided into two divisions: best costume and best performance. The first contest-the best costume- was decided on votes, based on their costume pictures posted in the student lounge of the Center for International Education. The second contest-the best performance- was decided by eight judges, based on the overall stage performance of the contestants. The judges represented local and international students, faculty members and administrative staff.

Some international students reported that they were aware of the contest prior to coming to Japan and had brought costumes from their home countries. Local students reported pleasure in participating in the event and preparing costume with the international students.

Some students told our office after the event that they have already started to think about their costumes for next year.

Akinari Hoshino, Center for International Education