2013 Spring Semester Has Started!

Feb 14, 2013 (Thu.)

The spring semester at Kansai Gaidai has begun and the new international students seem eager to plunge into this unique experience of Japan, with all the exciting experiences and things to learn that lie ahead. The second-semester students likewise seem keen and ready to help the newcomers and also look forward to continuing where they left off.

During the orientation week the new students were introduced to Japan in a number of ways, ranging from sessions to establish bank accounts in the otherwise strict and sometimes complicated Japanese banking system, to general issues, like things to be aware of in traffic and in public in general, as well as a special orientation for women, regarding safety issues. After these preliminary information sessions, the students were keen themselves to experience the many differences and unique opportunities that are part of living and studying in Japan.

The orientation week concluded with a tour to the ancient capital, Kyoto, where local Kansai Gaidai students accompanied the newly arrived international students, and also those who wanted to repeat last semester’s successful trip. Kyoto is no more than half an hour away from Kansai Gaidai by train, and is, still to this very day, abundant with old, magnificent temples, shrines and other places imbued with the spirit of traditional Japan.

After this glimpse of the unique Japanese world, the students were ready to get settled with either their new homestay families, or with new roommates in the seminar houses.

The campus is now full of students, and also many local students are coming to meet and make friends with the new and ‘old’ international students, despite the fact that they are enjoying their spring holidays. It is very apparent from the bustling of activity in the university, that all the international students are full of vigor and curiosity as the spring semester has commenced and, along with a new chapter in their lives, a new world has truly started to unfold before them.

Norgard, Mikkel Kofod
Student Assistant, Center for International Education
Home Institution: University of Aarhus, Denmark