Faces at the Seminar Houses

Feb 13, 2012 (Mon.)

Throughout the pre-orientation period between the 28th and the 31st of January, the Nakamiya International Seminar Houses welcomed nearly two hundred new international students to the Kansai Gaidai family, and greeted many familiar faces who are extending their stay from the autumn of the previous year.

This semester, the staff team was composed not only of former and current Resident Assistants and Kansai Gaidai staff members, but also of international students from various backgrounds and cultures that offered a little more spice and flavor – which appeared to be much appreciated by the new international students. With Resident Assistants and Kansai Gaidai staff members serving as the foundations of the staff team operations, performing consistently and reliably in checking students in while providing guidance and resources, our international student staff was able to push the team efforts above and beyond, actively engaging and interacting with the new international students through shopping events, through area tours, as well as through visiting their rooms to ensuring their comfort and well being while providing beneficial and personalized advice from their own experiences.

At the end of the period, both new and extending international students were able to rest comfortably in their new homes with their new friends, obtain their daily necessities, explore the local environment, and feel truly welcomed and a part of the Seminar House community and the Kansai Gaidai family.

While some faces arrived road-worn, some faces arrived exhausted, some faces arrived with excitement, and some faces arrived with anxiety, through the events and functions of the pre-orientation period – and, of course, the efforts of the staff team – all of those faces are now decorated with a smile.

Bill C. Hu
Center for International Education