The 2015 spring semester has started!

Feb 07, 2015 (Sat.)

While this year’s cold winter gusts still lurk around, the Nakamiya campus has been warmed up by the voices and faces of the new and excited exchange students who arrived at Kansai Gaidai about a week ago.

And there has certainly been enough to do the last week to keep the students warm as well! While finishing all the necessary registrations and taking the Japanese placement test, the students also received a warm welcome from the faculty staff, and were able to socialize with Japanese students while looking at famous places in Kyoto during the Kyoto Tour.

This week classes started, and with the Japanese setsubun festival finishing Tuesday and the Cool Japan program starting next week, we can safely welcome spring and head for warmer days with hopefully many wonderful experiences both academically and personally for our students at the Asian Studies Program.

Welcome to Japan and Kansai Gaidai!