Welcome to the Manga Drawing Class!

Feb 03, 2018 (Sat.)

The manga drawing class is one of the unique studio art courses offered at KGU. Since this course is designed as a Project Based Learning course, its goal is to make a manga booklet with manga works using professional manga tools. During the first half of the semester, students will learn how to use these tools to draw manga and how to create a story. After you have learned the basic skills, you will be challenged to complete your own manga booklet during the latter half of the semester. Literally, you will experience a manga-ka’s (comic artist’s) life.

During the final week of the spring and fall semester, your booklets will be displayed in a Manga-kissa (manga cafe) -Style Exhibition organized by the Manga Drawing class. Students and professors will be able to visit the exhibition classroom and enjoy reading your booklets.

In this challenging manga drawing class, all levels, from beginner to advanced, are welcome. As always, as in any studio art course, the professors will do their best to teach and give the most appropriate advice and individual support and attention to students.

Are you interested? Then come and join us!