1,850 prospective high school students visited Gaidai’s Open Campus event!

May 16, 2019 (Thu.)

The first Open Campus event of 2019 was held on Sunday, May 21. Approximately 1,850 prospective high school students and their parents visited our campus and participated in various programs.

The theme was “GO FOR Global Experience.” Known as one of the top universities in international education, many events were held to introduce international aspects of Kansai Gaidai. Joined with the Open Campus staff, international students enthusiastically welcomed the visitors by participating in several events.

Campus tours escorted by our international students were conducted and well-received many visitors. The student escorts shared their campus life at Kansai Gaidai both in English and Japanese. Visitors were thrilled with these opportunities of learning about international students’ home countries and their perspectives about Japan. Thanks to all these efforts, high school students were given splendid opportunities to gain insights about the outside world.

Another highlight was a visit to the GLOBAL COMMONS YUI, an international residence. Resident Assistants and international student residents organized and carried out the tours of the facility describing their daily lives. More than 500 high school students and their parents participated in the tour, a showcase of true cross-cultural experience.

Kansai Gaidai enjoys the reputation of being an institution which offers many opportunities to develop international perspectives.