img Feb 03,2018(Sat.) Welcome to the Manga Drawing Class!
img Dec 06,2017(Wed.) Experience Japan at Kansai Gaidai’s Summer Program 2018

img Dec 04,2017(Mon.) Interaction through Sports is Fun and Effective
img Dec 02,2017(Sat.) Orientation Schedule for the 2018 Spring Semester
img Sep 15,2017(Fri.) Asian Studies Program Fall Semester begins with 306 students from 33 countries and regions
img Aug 17,2017(Thu.) Kansai Gaidai Internship Program reached a record high of 51 interns.

img Jun 30,2017(Fri.) Orientation Schedule for the 2017 Fall Semester
img May 29,2017(Mon.) 353 international students bid farewell to the Asian Studies Program.
img Feb 20,2017(Mon.) 231 students arrive for spring semester orientation
img Nov 07,2016(Mon.) Halloween Event 2016
img Nov 07,2016(Mon.) Kansai Gaidai Internship Program leads to Intercultural Communication Event
img Oct 25,2016(Tue.) The 6th Open Campus Event held at Nakamiya Campus in the rain
img Sep 07,2016(Wed.) The Asian Studies Program celebrated its new academic year 2016
img May 30,2016(Mon.) The Asian Studies Program bids farewell to 323 students at the Completion Ceremony
img Dec 18,2015(Fri.) Course syllabi for the Spring Semester 2016 Asian Studies Program
img Nov 27,2015(Fri.) Kansai Gaidai celebrated its 70th Anniversary Foundation
img Oct 16,2015(Fri.) Course Syllabi for the Fall Semester 2015 Asian Studies Program
img Sep 14,2015(Mon.) Kansai Gaidai Internship Program Launched
img Sep 07,2015(Mon.) 373 students from 35 countries and regions have been welcomed to the Asian Studies Program
img Apr 11,2015(Sat.) Gotenyama Campus・Global Town (tentative name) Project Launched