International Students Bid Farewell to their Friends

Dec 24, 2019 (Tue.)

The 2019 Fall semester is coming to an end. As a final opportunity for everyone to get together, a gathering was held on December 15th. This Event was organized and carried out by resident assistants of the Global Commons YUI to give international students final precious memories before returning to their home countries. The Event consisted of two sessions; entertaining shows in the afternoon and a dinner party in the evening.

The afternoon part began with a talent show, followed by a cosplay show, the YUI challenge, and a musical. Many students demonstrated their amazing talents through singing, dancing, etc. at the talent show. Things heated up in the YUI challenge! Students played mini games in which their competitive spirits were demonstrated.
The afternoon event was concluded with a fantastic musical in which students sang along to songs from “SING”.

After the wonderful afternoon shows, the dinner party was held at the cafeteria on the Gotenyama Campus. Students, dressed up in formal attire, enjoyed taking pictures at a beautifully decorated photo booth with their friends with whom they spent an amazing and unforgettable semester.
However, this was not all. After enjoying a lovely dinner, local students surprised their beloved friends with unexpected message cards, which brought joy and some tears, happy tears.

The Event was huge success which provided more heartwarming experiences to everyone. “Friendship” was the key in every aspect. We wish all the international students a fantastic journey ahead, best of luck, and see you again soon!