Kansai Gaidai's Internship Program Attracts Many International Students

Jan 20, 2020 (Mon.)

Are you looking for opportunities to work in Japan? Are you keen on challenging yourself and improving your Japanese language skills in a Japanese work environment? If so, participate in the Kansai Gaidai Internship Program (KGIP).

The KGIP provides international students with internship opportunities to help them explore their career interests and build professional networks. What makes our program unique and distinctive from internships offered in Japan generally is that the KGIP participants are able to gain hands-on experience, through actual tasks assigned at the internship site. In Japan, many internships are very short, and they are more or less company visit types. Our KGIP is different. You are expected to actively engage in assigned tasks. Our internship sites include, but not limited to business firms, public organizations, and local schools. In fact, some students interned with the Rugby World Cup last year.

The selection process of the KGIP is competitive and highly demanding in terms of your commitment, but at the end of the period you will have had an unforgettable experience.

One of the successful examples of the program is Mr. Jesse Abulencia, a former exchange student from Old Dominion University. Mr. Abulencia participated in the KGIP after his first semester at Kansai Gaidai. The experience allowed him to build connections with people in the related field. Using his career background as a network engineer and the skills he gained through the KGIP internship, he now works at Fusion Systems Japan Co., Ltd. in Japan.

Visit our website (https://www.kansaigaidai.ac.jp/asp/academics/kgip/) for more information about the program as well as testimonials of our alumni, and discover the world of opportunity that awaits you!