ASP Spring 2021 Semester has begun in online format.

Jan 25, 2021 (Mon.)

The Asian Studies Program online courses named the “ASP Home-Based Program” have started on January 25th, 2021.

As part of our efforts to provide learning opportunities of Japanese/Asian studies and effectively respond to the current difficult circumstances caused by COVID-19, the Asian Studies Program offers about 50 online courses, including multiple level Japanese language courses and variety of content courses for students who cannot physically come to study in Japan.

Prior to the start of this program, an orientation session was held via zoom. Dr. Stephen Zurcher, Dean of the Asian Studies Program, welcomed all students and talked about the uniqueness of our courses, which includes the cultural diversity of our student body. Professor Yoshiko Shikaura, Director of the Japanese Language Program, introduced the Japanese language program wearing a special costume of Tanjiro from Kimetsu no Yaiba.

The ASP Home-Based for Spring 2021 semester welcomes over 330 international students from 86 partner institutions in 24 different countries. We are committed to the further development of our online education outreach to enhance cross-cultural understanding despite all the challenges ahead of us.