Japanese Language

NON-Japanese Language Courses


East Asian Literature and Culture in Translation
Urban Culture Asia (CGE)
Representations of Asia in Popular Culture
Literary Representations of Diverse Eras
Kodai to Gendai: Influences of Literature on Japanese Society & Culture



History of Modern Japan (CGE)
Japanese Cultural History: Ancient and Medieval
Modern Japanese History [in Japanese]


Wa: Rules and Principles in Japanese Arts, Design and Aesthetics
Japanese Aesthetics
Fashion in Japan: Art and History of the Kimono and Western Dress Culture
Japanese Influence on Western Art and Design
Japanese Design: Aesthetics and Visual Culture
Japanese Theatre
Figures of Femininity: Women in Japanese Traditional and Contemporary Arts (CGE)
Fiction in Action: Six Japanese Novels and their Movie Adaptations
Japanese Music

Cultural Studies

Sociolinguistics of Deaf Communities in Japan
Documenting Japan: Film and Photography as Cultural Description
Japan and Globalization: A Cultural Approach (CGE)
Inside the Secret World of the Geisha
A Successful Life and the Best Education in the World: The East Asian case
Medicine and Health care in East Asia
Contemporary Japan in the Gender Matrix
Population Control and the Politics of Reproduction in Japan

Political Science

Tyrants, Dictators and Strongmen: Exploring Authoritarian Rule in Asia and the Struggle for Democracy
Japanese Politics and Public Policy from a Theoretical Perspective
Politics and Security Challenges in East Asia
Globalization, Culture and Identity in East Asia (CGE)
Japanese Foreign Policy in Movies: The Decisions that Made Modern Japan
The Fall of the Japanese Empire: Pearl Harbor, the Pacific War, and the Bomb
Pathways to Peace
Evolution of Social Cooperation and Development: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Asian Regionalism and Economic Development
Sustainable Development & Public Policy in Asia (CGE)



Business Administration

Marketing Across Cultures (CGE)
Corporate Strategy in East Asia
Management Across Cultures (CGE)
The Leadership Journey (CGE)
Japanese Business Culture & Practices (CGE)
Japanese Management: A Global Perspectiv
International Business
International Negotiation: Resolving Conflict and Closing the Deal
Culinary Tourism: Theories and Concepts
International Entrepreneurship: Focus on Japan
Financial Statements Analysis
Financial and Operational Auditing


Global Business Teams
Intercultural Communication in Japan

Studio Art