IEP | Online Debate “Pineapple on a Pizza?”

Nov 02, 2020 (Mon.)

The IEP Interest Group Team held an event title、”Diversify the Debate” which was attended by 12 local and international students.
The event was held via an online interactive tool, “Remo.” To break the ice, participants introduced themselves as it was the first time for everyone to meet. Then, they were divided into three groups; each group had a team name such as “Team KGU-Tec” derived from the university names of the participants. The event began in a friendly atmosphere.

A number of students had no experience in debates, and therefore two sessions were held to allow them to get used to a debate. In the first half, each team selected 3 topics from 5 relatively familiar topics to debate for 30 minutes. In the last half of the event, students debated on a topic related to COVID-19 , “Online Classes VS In-person Classes.” Active exchange of opinions took place as it was a very timely topic for all the students.

After the event, a survey was conducted which showed that all the participants were very satisfied. According to the survey, the topic students “enjoyed” the most was “Pineapple on a Pizza?” Students found it was indeed a universal debate.

The Interest Group Team will continue to hold exciting events for KGU local students and International students. If you want to make new friends or need a chance to practice your English or Japanese, please feel free to join the events.