IEP |Online Halloween Party

Nov 12, 2020 (Thu.)

On October 27, 2020, a Halloween Party was held online by the Kansai Gaidai College Team.

The event began with the team leaders telling horror stories related to Halloween. Then local students and international students were divided into several tables and shared how they celebrate Halloween in their hometowns in Japan, the USA, and Mexico. Questions were asked about their Halloween customs, such as whether jack-o-lanterns were made in Japan or about famous horror stories in Mexico. All participants wearing Halloween costumes, such as vampires and firefighters, added special attractions to enjoy.

One of the participants, Ms. Miri Shibata, a first-year student of Kansai Gaidai College, said “The IEP events are fun and motivate me to study English more as I wish to make many friends with international students.”

More exciting events are coming up which are introduced on the website for the Intercultural Engagement Program. We welcome all of you to join these events and enjoy interactions with each other.

【The website for the Intercultural Engagement Program】