Dutch Export Business Workshop ~Selling Japanese Products in the Dutch Market ~

Dec 24, 2020 (Thu.)

The final presentation of “Dutch Export Business Workshop” was held on December 4, 2020, as one of the projects of the Intercultural Engagement Program. The theme of this project was "Selling Japanese vegan products in the Dutch Market". The series of workshops were held regularly for about 6 weeks from the end of October with the cooperation of a Japanese enterprise which has a branch office in the Netherlands. Two student interns from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands led these workshops as mentors and provided participants with opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills in business analysis and marketing. The 29 participants were divided into 7 groups and engaged in a team project to create a marketing plan for the product they chose.

The first half of the workshop covered analytical methods and localization of the products, and in the later half, students learned how to make an effective presentation.

In the presentation on December 4, each project team presented their marketing strategies for the products they had selected for the Dutch market by using videos and slides.
< product lists >
1:Teriyaki vegan pizza
2:Japanese vegan tai-yaki
3:Hina bowl
4:Vegan tempura udon
5:Japanese vegan bento
6:High protein tofu

A representative from the Japanese enterprise, who was a judge in this event, gave positive feedback saying, “Each group grasped the needs of the Dutch market based on their analysis, and the effective use of slides and videos improved the quality of their presentations.”

Finally, the Best Performance Award was bestowed upon “Teriyaki vegan pizza” as the product reflected detailed research about the frozen food market in the country, and it was thought to have the highest possibility of reaching commercialization.

The participants commented that they were satisfied with the outcome of this project as they were able to acquire practical knowledge about marketing skills and management skills through acting as a project leader, and discovering the new values of vegan/vegetarian products.

The events of the Intercultural Engagement Program in this year were all completed on December 19. However, we are planning to continue this program from January 2021. Please keep your eyes out for our events next year.

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