Career and Professional Development Workshop

Dec 24, 2020 (Thu.)

On December 15, 2020, a career workshop was held by Humber College, one of our partner institutions in Canada, and a total of 30 students participated. The event was led by Ms. Rebecca Trautwein from the Global Learning and Engagement and Ms. Vanessa Cubacub from the Advising & Career Service. Topics covered in this workshop were “How international experiences can contribute to career success,” “What skills can be obtained through international experiences?” and “About the STAR Method”.

The participants learned about the STAR Method, which is helpful for job interviews,and the importance of international experiences by answering questions such as “In which country do you want to pursue careers in the future?” and “What is the most essential skill for work?”

In addition, Vanessa explained the way to effectively introduce oneself and write an appealing resume by comparing some different features of Japanese and foreign resumes. Many questions were asked by the participants. Rebecca concluded the workshop by stressing importance of having many experiences in cross-cultural settings. Mr. Keita Ajiro, a second-year student in the School of English Language and Communication, looked back at the event and said he learned how to prepare himself and what’s important to acquire to work for international companies in the future.