Japanese Language Courses

NON-Japanese Language Courses


Religion and Philosophy


History of Modern Japan (CGE)
Asia in World History to 1500
Japanese Cultural History: Ancient and Medieval
Japanese Cultural History: Early Modern and Modern
20th Century Asian History through Film (CGE)
A History of Woman in Modern Japan


Japanese Aesthetics
Japanese Influence on Western Art and Design
Japanese Design: Aesthetics and Visual Culture
Japanese Theatre
Japanese Music


Cultural Studies

Sexuality and Society in East Asia
Medicine and Health care in East Asia
A Successful Life and the Best Education [Taught in Japanese]
Contemporary Japan in the Gender Matrix
My body, My choice? History and Current Issues of Reproductive Politics in Japan

Political Science

Japanese Foreign Policy in Movies: The Decisions that Made Modern Japan
The Fall of the Japanese Empire: Pearl Harbor, the Pacific War, and the Bomb
Pathways to Peace



Hospitality Management with focus on Asia
Management Across Cultures (CGE)
Japanese Management: A Global Perspective (CGE)
International Negotiation: Resolving Conflict and Closing the Deal (CGE)
Culinary Tourism: Theories and Concepts


Intercultural Communication in Japan
Presentation Skills and Video Production

Studio Art

Ceramic Techniques
Koto Basics
Manga Drawing
Introduction to the Culinary Arts: Focus on Japanese Cuisine