Dec. 12 (Mon) Receive Reimbursement Form
  • YUI Students: YUI Mailbox
  • SH4 Students/Own: CIE on Nakamiya
Dec. 13(Tue) – Dec. 23(Fri) Period of Deposit Refund
General deposit (JPY10,000) and Dormitory Deposit (JPY30,000) will be refunded at CIE on Nakamiya.
[CIE office hours] Mon-Fri: 9:00-17:00, Sat: 9:00-16:00
Dec. 23 (Fri) Deadline for moving out


The memorandum will guide students through procedures/information on what to do before they leave.

Items covered:

  1. Student ID
  2. Refund of General Deposit (JPY10,000)
  3. Refund of Dormitory Deposit (JPY30,000)
  4. Official Transcript
  5. Student Visa Validity
  6. Necessary Procedures at Hirakata City Hall (or other city hall you have lived)
  7. Bicycle Cancellation
  8. Mailbox (For YUI residents)
  9. Computer Access
  10. Mobile Phone / Pocket Wi-Fi / SIM card

1. Student ID

① Bring student ID and the Reimbursement Form to CIE on Nakamiya.
② Have student ID invalidated.

※ Please note, once student ID is invalidated,
 ① Not able to enter the library at Kansai Gaidai.
 ② Not able to purchase train tickets or movie tickets at a student discount rate.

2. Refund of General Deposit (JPY10,000)

The General Deposit will be reimbursed only when students meet all of their outstanding obligations to Kansai Gaidai. These items include the following, but not limited to:

Student loans must be paid back. No transcript will be released for a student who has financial obligations to Kansai Gaidai.
Library books must be returned.
Cancellation of bicycle registration must be completed. The registration sticker must be submitted together with the reimbursement application. (Refer to item 7 on this memorandum)

3. Refund of Dormitory Deposit (JPY30,000)

The Dormitory Deposit will be reimbursed at the termination of residence after possible deductions based on the check-out inspection.

4. Official Transcript

For students who are from affiliated institutions: One official copy of their academic transcript will be automatically sent to their home institution with no charge.

For independent students: One official copy of academic transcript will be automatically sent to students with no charge.
If students wish to have their transcript sent to their home institution, please contact the Registrar’s Office for the request [e-mail:]

Unofficial Transcript: Grades will be available through Rapport on January 10 (Tue).

[Rapport] Portfolio → My Grade

For future requests for transcript(s) or for additional copies, please check the following URL:
[Transcript Request]

Fees: JPY500 per copy including mailing charge

Students who need to have a transcript sent earlier than date noted above must contact the Registrar's Office in advance. Please note that transcripts will not be sent unless students meet all outstanding obligations to Kansai Gaidai.

5. Student Visa Validity

Even though a student’s original visa is valid for one year (or six months) from the date of entering Japan or renewed, it will NOT be possible to remain in Japan with the current student visa if the student will not be enrolled in a Japanese Educational Institute. Kansai Gaidai will report to the Immigration Office of the completion of the program. The immigration office allows students with a student visa to remain for about one month after completing their studies at Kansai Gaidai. Those students who plan on remaining in Japan more than one month must change the visa status according to their intended activities in Japan.

Students who plan to stay in Japan after this semester but will not be enrolled for the next semester at Kansai Gaidai must secure their own housing and find new sponsorship for their visas. Kansai Gaidai will not be able to act as legal guarantor for students who have terminated their studies at Kansai Gaidai. We would like to reiterate that it is illegal to engage in any jobs without obtaining the proper visa in Japan.

6. Necessary Procedures at Hirakata City Hall (or other city hall you have lived)

Cancel the residency at Hirakata (or other city you have lived)
All students are required to submit "Resident Change Notification Form" (Form will be provided from CIE) at Hirakata City Hall or the City Hall of your residence.
For YUI or Seminar House 4 residents, please submit the Form at Citizen Room (Shimin-ka市民課) at Main Building (Honkan本館1F).
Cancel Japanese National Health Insurance (if you joined the insurance.)
Students who joined the Japanese national health insurance must cancel the insurance before you leave Japan.
For YUI or Seminar House 4 residents, please cancel the insurance at the National Health Insurance Room (Kokuminkenkohoken-ka国民健康保険課) at 2nd floor of Hirakata City Hall Annex (Bekkan別館2F).

[Hirakata City Hall]
Open Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-17:30 / The 4th Sunday 9:00-17:00

  • The above procedures must be completed before you depart Hirakata.
  • Advance cancellation prior to move-out of Hirakata is possible.

7. Bicycle Cancellation (If applicable)

Cancellation of your bicycle registration
Go to the bicycle store and cancel the bike registration
Also, remove the KGU registration sticker from the bicycle and return it to the CIE to avoid any trouble.
What to do after cancellation
Sell the bicycle to a bicycle store (recommended)
Give or sell the bicycle to other student
(1) Go to the bicycle store with a new owner, the bicycle and the registration form (the guarantee certificate) and his/her ID.
(2) Change the ownership and crime prevention registration at the bicycle store.
(3) If the new owner is a KGU student, he/she must submit a copy of the bicycle registration form (the guarantee certificate) to the CIE in order to obtain a new registration sticker (JPY300). This sticker must be attached to the bicycle.

[Where to park]
If the new owner is a KGU student, he/she owner may park the bicycle at Kansai Gaidai Bicycle parking after obtaining a registration sticker from CIE.

※ Japanese police is rigorous in checking for stolen bicycles. If new owner does not take necessary procedures to change the ownership, when the police check the bicycle, he/she will be considered to be owning a stolen bicycle and will be in serious trouble.

8. Mailbox (For YUI residents)

Clear mailbox at Residence Hall before leaving Kansai Gaidai.

  • CIE will not be able to forward your mail to your home country address due to the cost involved. Any mail received for students already left KGU will be sent back to the senders.
  • If a student plans to stay in Japan, he/she can use “Relocation /forwarding service” by filling out a form and submitting it to the Post Office.
    [Relocation /forwarding service]

9. Computer Access

Please note that students will not be able to log into Kansai Gaidai computers after December 23, 2022. The connection for personally owned computers will also be disconnected after this date. Students who have documents on the z-drive of Kansai Gaidai Computers will need to back-up their files to other memory device before their account is disabled. We will not be able to recover/restore any files and documents in the z-drive after that day. Students will have access to KGU web systems (GAIDAI-Link, Rapport and Blackboard) until the end of January to check their grades.

10. Mobile Phone / Pocket Wi-Fi / SIM card

Students must make necessary arrangements to cancel it if they have a contract of their mobile phone, pocket Wi-Fi or SIM card. If students arranged to use their credit card to make monthly payments, the company will keep charging the basic rate on their credit card if students forget to cancel their contract. If students get behind with the payments or if the cancellation is not made properly, we will release their personal contact information to the company upon request.

The following companies provided explanatory sessions during orientation week. If necessary, please contact them.

[Sunrise Co. Ltd.]
E-mail: / Phone: 0120-336-326
[O planning Co. Ltd.]
E-mail: / Phone: 03-5291-6364