This fee is one-time fee and not refundable.

Housing FEE

For those who check out of the Residence Hall, GLOBAL COMMONS 結 -YUI- during the semester, refunds will be made on a weekly basis. The amount of the refund and the method of deduction from the refund is different based on how long the student has stayed in the Residence Hall.

The amount of the refund will be calculated by subtracting the fee for the number of weeks the student has stayed at the Residence Hall from the total that the student has paid as their housing fee. Listed below are the fees that will be subtracted.

1 Week
(1-7 days in the Residence Hall)
14,400 yen
2 Weeks
(8-14 days in the Residence Hall)
28,800 yen
3 Weeks
(15-21 days in the Residence Hall)
43,200 yen
4 Weeks
(22-28 days in the Residence Hall)
57,500 yen

Kansai Gaidai reserves the right to make other policies when deemed necessary for the safety and cleanliness of the premises and for securing the comfort of all students.


It is not refundable regardless of how long one stays in the Residence Hall during the summer and winter breaks. Even if students are away most of the time, they are required to pay the entire fee for housing arrangements.