Commuting Pass

Students commuting from their host families' homes via public transportation will be given an application for a student commuting pass when they meet with their host families. Your student ID card will be necessary for the application. Your host family will assist you in purchasing the commuting pass.

Bicycle Registration

To commute to school by bicycle, it is mandatory to register your bicycle at a bicycle shop (not necessary for a bicycle borrowed from a host family) and then obtain a parking sticker from Kansai Gaidai.

Recently the Japanese police have been more rigorous in checking for stolen bicycles. Thus it is not unusual for the police officers to stop a bike rider and check on the bicycle ownership.

Due to the fact that there are many cases where a bicycle without the guarantee certificate (including bicycle number and crime prevention number) turns out to be a stolen bicycle, we strongly recommend that you buy a bicycle from a bicycle shop. Otherwise, you should ask for a guarantee certificate if you are buying a bicycle from a source other than a bicycle shop.

Bicycle Registration STEP 1: - Register your bicycle at a bicycle shop -

If you purchase either a new or used bicycle at a bicycle shop, you will be automatically registered and be given a sticker with a crime prevention number. You must put the sticker on your bicycle.

If you obtain or purchase a bicycle from a source other than a bicycle shop, then you should take your bicycle to a bicycle shop with a guarantee certificate to register your bicycle. However, if the former owner of the bicycle has not cancelled their registration, registration will not be accepted.

Bicycle Registration STEP 2: - Obtain a Kansai Gaidai parking sticker -

First please purchase a 1,000 yen coupon ticket at the Students Affairs Office and hand it in to the CIE office together with the application form. You must also submit the copy of the guarantee certificate after registering your bicycle at the bicycle shop (not for homestay program participants). You are not allowed to park your bicycle in the on-campus parking lots without this sticker.

Bicycles are allowed to enter the Nakamiya campus only through the West, East and South gates, but not through the Main gate. Bicycles must be parked in one of the designated parking lots.