Representatives from the Sumitomo-Mitsui Bank will be available at the university during the scheduled banking sessions in order to facilitate procedures in opening a savings account. Students who are to receive the JASSO scholarship or meal allowance (i.e. students on the "full-exchange" status) must open a bank account since these funds will be deposited directly into students' accounts. Please carefully note that we will not be able to process the transfer of funds until we have all the necessary account numbers.

Please bring a black ballpoint pen and the following documents to one of the banking sessions. Application forms for opening a bank account will be provided at the banking sessions.

Necessary Items

  1. Passport
  2. Black ballpoint pen
  3. Tax Identification Number (e.g. Social Security Number for U.S. citizen)

No cash will be necessary or accepted for opening a savings account. Your bankbook and cash card will be ready approximately three weeks after you submit the application. No transactions (e.g., deposit, withdrawal) can be made until you receive your bankbook or cash card.