The Online Payment System (OPS) will become available for fee processing from the designated date.

Welcome to the Kansai Gaidai University Online Payment System (OPS) page. This secure system enables you to make your payments easily and promptly by using your credit card. Please read the information below carefully before you proceed with your payments.

Accepted Credit Cards

Visa and MasterCard are accepted for payments of all fees, except for tuition. No other credit cards are accepted.

You may share your access code to OPS with your parents and they may make the necessary payments for you by their credit card.

Fees Due to Kansai Gaidai:

You are required to pay all the fees listed in your OPS page with one or a combination of the four accepted payment methods.

Fees may be paid separately at different times and/or with different credit cards if you have any difficulties in completing your payments at one time due to credit limit, etc. However, entirety of each fee has to be paid in one payment in the case of credit card payments; payments by installments are not available unless you apply for a student loan after arrival at Kansai Gaidai and repay your loan in cash.

Tuition, if applicable, appears in your OPS page to show your payment responsibilities. However, as this fee cannot be paid by credit card, you need to arrange a wire transfer.

Please be aware that a transaction fee is charged to each transaction. Please see below for details.

Transaction Fee

A transaction fee is automatically charged to you in addition to a total payment amount when you submit your payment through OPS. The transaction fee is determined according to the total amount that you pay each time, as follows:

Total Payment Amount per Transaction Transaction Fee
(To be added to your total payment amount)
JPY1 - JPY1,000 JPY30
JPY1,001 - JPY2,000 JPY60
JPY2,001 - JPY10,000 JPY200
JPY10,001 - JPY20,000 JPY400
JPY20,001 - JPY50,000 JPY1000
JPY50,001 - JPY100,000 JPY2000
JPY100,001 - JPY150,000 JPY3000
JPY150,001 - JPY200,000 JPY4000
JPY200,001 - JPY250,000 JPY5000
JPY250,001 - JPY300,000 JPY6000
JPY300,001 - JPY350,000 JPY7000
JPY350,001 - JPY400,000 JPY8000

For amounts not listed above, please contact

A transaction fee is a charge for the payment channel convenience, and Kansai Gaidai University does not share in this fee.
A transaction fee is charged once your payment is submitted and cannot be refunded or cancelled.

= = = = = = All payments must be completed by the designated date = = = = = =

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