ALL STUDENTS who plan to extend their stay at Kansai Gaidai into the Spring semester of 2020 should submit the on-line EXTENSION REQUEST FORM no later than Tuesday, October 22. Those who have originally planned to stay here for one-year should also submit the extension request form.

Those students who had originally applied for one semester should ask their home institution to send a supporting letter to Kansai Gaidai ( via e-mail.

Further information related to extension of stay will be available at the Memorandum for Extention students.


Oct. 22 (Tue) Deadline for submission of Extension Request Form
Dec. 24 (Tue) Notification of "Approval or Disapproval of Extension of stay"
Approval of extension will depend on overall academic performance in the fall semester. At least a 2.0 GPA with no "F" grade will be considered the minimum standards for approval of extension into the next semester.


Dec. 24 (Tue) Deadline date for moving out
Students in the homestay program and Global Commons -YUI- must leave these accommodations by this date.
Dec. 25 (Wed) Students who are officially approved and are not on affiliation programs must pay the tuition deposit of US$2,000 by this date. This money will be credited to their tuition payment for the Spring semester. Failure to fulfill this financial obligation will result in automatic cancellation of their enrollment in the program.
Jan. 17-22 (Fri - Wed)
(There is a possibility that those dates may change.)
On-line Registration
Students are not expected to participate in the Spring semester orientation, however, it will be the student's responsibility to complete necessary payments and registration for the Spring semester during the specified dates. They may not ask friends to register them for classes for the Spring semester of 2020.
Jan. 22 (Wed) Payment Deadline for Spring 2020 Semester
Payment by Credit Cards through online is also available from January 10 (Fri).


Students whose extension applications are not approved must leave accommodations arranged by Kansai Gaidai no later than 5:00pm on December 25.

When completing the application form, the following should be noted:

Winter Break (December 25 – January 16)

Residence Hall, Global Commons –YUI– will stay open for those who have been approved to extend their stay at Kansai Gaidai for the spring semester of 2020. The charge for the Winter Break will be JPY50,000. There is no prorated fee for a shorter or longer period than this Winter Break period (12/25/2019 - 1/16/2020). Please note that the room assignments will be determined by the CIE. Homestay/Off-campus students may check in on either December 23 or December 24. If, for some reason, you are not able to check in on the above dates, please send a message to We will send a more detailed message regarding Winter Break accommodation in early December.

Homestay arrangements will not be made. This is to avoid putting any additional burden on the family, as your daily schedule during the break will be quite different from the one during the semester. We hope you will understand that this policy is based on past situations, which in many cases placed unreasonable burdens on families.

Those who have been accepted for admission to the spring semester may leave their luggage at the YUI.

Orientation Period for the Spring Semester

Kansai Gaidai Accommodation will be available for both extending and new students from January 17 to January 26 for free of charge. Since we have to arrange the Residence Hall room assignments for this period, all students should advise us as to whether or not they need to stay in Kansai Gaidai Residence Hall for this period by entering the appropriate information on the EXTENSION REQUEST APPLICATION.

Please note that Students who selected Homestay/Own as their semester accommodation will be assigned in Seminar House 4 during Orientation Period. However, those students who stay at Global Commons -YUI- during winter break continue to stay at YUI during orientation period.

Spring Semester Accommodation

All students must request their housing option for the Spring semester by submitting the on-line EXTENSION REQUEST APPLICATION.

Housing Rates:

  Residence Hall: Global Commons -YUI- Homestay
Reservation Fee JPY 2,000* N/A
Room Fee JPY230,000* JPY320,000*
Residence Hall Security Deposit JPY30,000** N/A

* will be waived for full-exchange students.

** If you change your accommodation for 2020 Spring Semester from Homestay/Off-Campus to Residence Hall, you are required to pay this deposit (refundable).


Since homestays are arranged on a semester basis, students who wish to stay with the same host family should request a renewal of the arrangements by submitting the EXTENSION REQUEST APPLICATION. The office will then negotiate with the family as to the specific arrangements. Personal negotiations should not take place. We have found it much easier to have someone act as a go-between, particularly in the case like this. If your extension is approved, move-in dates for the spring semester will be on Saturday, January 25 or Sunday, January 26.

Those who wish to live with a host family for the first time during the spring 2020 semester are requested to complete a Housing Questionnaire. The information will be provided by e-mail in December.

For those who wish to stay with a new family and wish to change any item on your previous housing questionnaire, please contact the staff in charge of Homestay in the CIE office. Please note that new incoming students and those extension students who have never experienced homestay will be granted priority.

Off Campus

Students who wish to live off-campus should budget very carefully, for in Japan a relatively large amount of key money is sometimes necessary to rent an apartment, and apartments are, in most cases, completely unfurnished. In spite of this, our former students have been somewhat successful in securing housing outside the campus, which does not require a high deposit.

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